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A Guide to Subtle Energy Meditation

Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Skelton (aka Altair) guide you to take your meditation practice to the next level. Whether you're a novice or an advanced meditator, this book will teach you the two primary skills and seven steps of Subtle Energy Meditation to elevate your inner state and raise our collective consciousness to live AS Boundless Compassionate Awareness.

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How to Live a Calm Centered Life

Two hour mini course of short videos. A great way to
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Certified SEM Teachers


Learn the inner secrets to:

  • Relax deeply

  • Focus effectively

  • Gently release inner blocks

  • Align with your purpose

  • Feel the Life Force

  • Sense inner guidance

  • Realize deep heart connection

  • Live in Compassionate Awareness


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  • 10 Module videos
  • Raising Our Vibration book pdf
  • 10 Guided Meditation mp3s for practicing
  • Daily Practice Logs
  • Access to ongoing monthly ROV Meditation Practice Group sessions
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"About 15 months ago I participated in the Raising Our Vibration – Subtle Energy Meditation course. It has been one of the best things I’ve done for my spiritual and emotional development. Initially I was a bit hesitant, as I thought I wasn’t a good enough meditator for the course. But during the guided ‘live’ zoom sessions, and then practising on my own, I have felt energy move in me, have felt my closely guarded heart open, and have experienced a growing sense of spaciousness, awareness and peace.

Recently, during a Manifesting meditation available on the ROV app, I experienced joyful resonance to the core of my being. I vibrated with bliss in the wide, open, spacious awareness of who I truly am. I saw and felt the possibilities and potential of following my heart and soul desire to widely share my gift, hearing and healing animals.

The guidance during the course, and the on-going practice and support offered by Kevin and Stephen is a precious gift. Do yourself a favour and dive in to the ROV SEM course. You’ll never be the same again--in the best possible ways!"
Anne Winning, Australia.


After this course, "I have experienced a heightened sense of well-being and happiness, elevated energy, much less depression and self-criticism. Episodes of heightened joy and elation, feelings of connection to the world and occasional meditative ecstasy with light flowing into my head & heart. 

Dealing with Kevin and Stephen along with the other community members was magical. The ROV course is well thought out, is easily understandable and doable, it teaches a progressive set of meditation practices that build upon each prior one in a way that teaches techniques and cues for moving subtle energy - it’s an amazing process, and I highly recommend it."
~Randy, New Mexico, USA


"I would like to thank you both so deeply for the incredible course you have created and the most wonderful way you deliver it. You are both such kind, humble, generous, and truly beautiful souls and it has been such an incredible blessing to have been guided by you both throughout the last 10 weeks.

As a result of doing your course, I have not only developed and deepened my meditation practice, but I have also grown as a person who now thinks about and interacts with the world in a completely different way, and for that, I honestly can't thank you enough.

I definitely believe every single person on this planet would benefit from (and should do) your course!

Love and profound gratitude,"
~Nat, Australia


"I can highly recommend this course. Whether you are a beginner or you have been meditating for many years, the course is exciting and I have learned many new things on the course. The techniques you get are very effective and easy to learn.I had been meditating for 15 years before the course and already had a good daily practice. During the 10 weeks course, my focus improved, my meditations deepened and I am actually so happy with the techniques I was given, that today I use LLP2 meditation every morning.

Both Stephen and Kevin are inspiring and have many years of experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!"
~Peter Lauge, Denmark


“The ROV SEM course is an ideal avenue to get in touch with the source of love, light and peace in yourself; experience expansion and connect with and who you truly are underneath all the ‘noise’; join a group of beautiful, like-minded people; learn how to make a positive difference in your community and in the world; be supported in the discovery and growth of your soul’s journey. These are the beautiful ‘outcomes’ of what is offered during the 10 weeks. I would also say that if I can do it, you can do it!”
~Anne from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


"The ROV course is a comprehensive, safely and confidently guided meditation course that takes you through each phase of the meditative process in a methodical, profoundly experiential manner. Each week building on the last, so that both intellectual understanding and felt experiences are integrated and a deeper knowing of the states of consciousness brought about in meditation are achieved. What elevates this course even further is that it incorporates a psychological process that allows participants to bring into conscious awareness past or present blockages and allow the power of subtle energy meditation to heal those wounds and, through ongoing practice, to embody much more fully the potential we have as humans to be regenerative participants in our own lives and the wider world. Kevin and Stephen have decades of experience and the manner and skill to teach and support participants in a way that encourages and develops our practice and creates a truly special environment in which to develop! 

I had meditated sporadically since being taught TM at age 6 (I’m now 44). My practice had usually been reactive rather than proactive however and I often turned to meditation in times of crisis rather than establishing a baseline practice that built resilience for when times got tricker. My main practice had been variations on Mahayana mindfulness and insight meditation. Even though I had been meditating since childhood, my practice was so sporadic and had so many lapses in it that I consider myself to be still a beginner.

While I see myself very much at the beginning of this journey still, I find that two main differences have occurred. Firstly I am now much more sensitive to inner sensations and embodied messages. My interoceptive skills have got much better and I find myself noticing almost straight away when something triggers me. I can feel the contraction in my body and my mind and that allows me more space to choose another path or activity to avoid stressful situations or potential for conflict. The second thing I have noticed is that I am able to be more objective and less self-judgemental when those moments arise. I realise that this is a long-term process of state change and the improvements gained after just ten weeks are proof that it’s the right process for me."
~Dan McTiernan, Finland

"This is a course to learn and practice meditation, but more than that. You will learn a lot about your mind and body. The things you learn you will also practice directly. With guided meditation building up from basic to more complex meditation forms. You will learn and explore the inner world and beyond. The combination of reading, video and audio helps to dive into a meditation practice

It is a well built up guide to meditation, for starters as well as practitioners, with very practical steps to deepen your meditation practice as well as ways to bring your practice to everyday life.  Just jump in and start! The course will build up to a meditation that has so many aspects in it, it is very complete, and gives you a frame and tools to build on and make it your own."
~Marlies, The Netherlands

"Due to several circumstances in my life, I have had a problem with depression and anxiety. I had many days I no longer wanted to exist. Not suicidal, but I just didn't want to be here anymore. I do not feel that way any more. I am no longer suffering from depression (and without meds!) Now I only have an occasional, brief bout of anxiety, which is usually triggered by some event in my external life (still a work in progress!) I can usually overcome it pretty quickly by returning to what I have learned in the course. 

Even though I still have some major life changes and challenges on the road ahead, I no longer have daily anxiety. I used to wake up every morning with the feeling of impending doom. That is gone. I have only just begun this journey, but I have felt such profound changes in a relatively short period of time. I look forward to going much deeper. My baseline now is mostly calm, peaceful. I look forward to my meditation time.

I REALLY love the group sessions and lively message chats. Everyone is so unique and each person adds their own flavor to this ROV dish :) . I love our live video sessions. 

(This course) is very much worth your time and effort. It is easy to understand and with regular practice you will begin to notice changes in the way you feel internally and the way you react to things in your external world."
~TK Brun, USA

Prior to this course, "My practice was motivated and competent, yet fumbling in some key areas. I had practiced many meditation techniques over the past decade with a base practice in Zen Buddhism. I became quite naturally or intuitively interested in how energy could work, the idea of chakras, nadis, etc. Scouring the internet, I never found anything that met my neuroscientist-level standards of rigor, truth, and wisdom. Most modern energy-based practices designed with the modern person in mind are either based in senseless dogmatic beliefs or are mired in the realm of marketing as they devolved into cash grabs. Baseline state prior to the course: seeking and reaching out wondering if I'm reaching into an abyss or something divine. Doubtful, sensitive, and confused; and I later discovered a degree of fear embedded in the surrender process for myself.

After this course, "My practice now is much more clear, on track, and motivated. When I have applied my scientific mind to spiritual practices and knowledge in the past, I often felt I came up short in terms of actually having a grip on what could be considered "true". Now, while I still have plenty to learn, I feel now that I have a solid foothold of understanding from which I can continue to work, and that's very encouraging and motivating, and as a scientist, satisfying. So, from that intellectual perspective I've gained a lot from this course and would recommend it to any science-minded people looking for something superior to most of the fluff that enters the marketplace these days.

Overall, my practice feels mature and competent now. I have a wealth of techniques, each of which I know the mechanics and methods for, that I can use at will when each is needed. Instead of fumbling, I feel I have taken control of my spiritual/meditative life.

Currrent Baseline state: Much more clear and integrated with my spiritual and mental bodies. The idea of the observer and also the spiritual anatomy of the spine are topics my brain keeps in mind without having to be reminded anymore. I'm also much less emotionally reactive and in some cases even have greater tolerances for stuff like physical pain.

I very much enjoyed the effort that Kevin and Stephen put in to understand and develop their meditations with a degree of combined passion, insight, and love. It really shows and makes the ROV course stand in stark contrast to the many other cash-grab meditation instructors, books, and courses. I have very little patience for bullshit and, with the ROV course, I never had that patience tested! Their experience and wisdom really shines through both in their interactions, posts, and especially their meditations.  Thanks guys! I look forward to what the future brings for ROV!"
~Kiefer O'Sullivan, Marina Del Ray, California

"It's a potentially life-changing course that teaches you to work with subtle energy/life force in a way that you have likely never done before, and will take you step by step in learning to connect to and tap into your own inner vital force through meditation,and in doing so, profound change awaits.

When I started taking this course, I was just beginning to explore subtle energy through meditation. I was practicing ~20-30 minutes per day listening to sound therapy tracks and doing various guided meditations on Insight Timer. I had read Culadasa's book on meditation and was trying to understand the different jhana states, how to access them and how to go deeper with meditation. However, I didn't have a method or process for doing so, and consequently I felt "all over the place" not really sure what to do next. I needed a guide. :)

Now, I'm meditating 30-45 minutes/2x day, and though I feel like this is JUST the beginning and I'm still quite naive to the process and what's possible, I feel as though I have an evolving and clearer picture of where I am headed and the role that tapping into subtle energy/vital force plays in this process. Through these meditations and energy work, I do feel that I have started to tap into that vital force and have a higher state of baseline consciousness. I notice that I am calmer, happier and more in tune with my own vital life force energy. I am quite motivated by what I've experienced through this course--hence the reason that I am meditating longer and more frequently--because it FEELS so good--like a big daily reset and coming HOME. 

I loved all of it. However, if I can to identify one thing, it would be having the expertise of Stephen and Kevin to guide us through this meditation sequence, practice the meditations at home, discuss and share experiences online through the week with the ROV community, and then meet again the next week to go deeper. Learning in this way was so enriching and motivating.

These are very powerful, life changing transcendent meditations that bring together a number of concepts from various ancient disciplines. When practiced consistently, and especially with instruction through the course, they can allow you to experience a depth of meditation that you have likely not experienced before, and when accessed, provides the motivation to go even deeper.
~Holly Copeland, Lander, Wyoming

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